Cloud Foundry Dojo

Open Source, Open Cloud, Open Door

It can typically take upwards of a year for a developer to gain committer status on an open source project. In some cases, even longer. The Cloud Foundry Foundation offers a unique approach to gaining committer in as little as six weeks, which we call the Cloud Foundry Dojo. The program is derived from the Pivotal labs Dojo program. It allows developers to master Cloud Foundry by working shoulder to shoulder on the open-source project with other Cloud Foundry engineers. Qualified engineers from the Cloud Foundry community can participate in pair programming with committers on a Cloud Foundry project team, gain invaluable experience with the core technology and the unique agile development environment, and make direct contributions to the codebase. Participation typically lasts 6-12 weeks.

Learn the project inside and out

Develop relationships with all the key contributors

Become active members of the project

Lead the next wave of innovation for your users